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Category:2018 albums Category:Covers albums Category:Albums produced by DOP Category:Concept albumsTwo of the men who killed a Muslim man in revenge for an Israeli soldier’s death last week in Jerusalem were ordered freed Thursday by a Jerusalem magistrate. The decision was made after prosecutors successfully appealed the order of the district court judge at the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court who had ruled that they must remain in jail pending the outcome of their trial. Judges decided they could be freed on appeal because they had been formally released, but they still must remain in custody, the court said. Get The Times of Israel's Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign Up The release of Oded Gershon and Gabriel Trico, two of the three Israelis who are on trial in the murder of Muhammad Abu Khdeir, a Palestinian teenager, came two days after the Shin Bet security agency released a video of Trico confessing to the crime and saying he was carrying out the orders of an extremist settler. The decision marks the first time the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency, has identified the killer of a Palestinian as a Jew, a revelation that has caused shock and outrage among many Israelis. Rights groups have accused Israel of politicizing the incident by revealing the identity of the killer for political purposes. They argue that by releasing the identity of the killer, Israel can turn the spotlight on its own actions and gloss over the real perpetrators. A manhunt is still underway for the third man who has not been identified. Meanwhile, a police source said that there was no evidence that the trio of alleged killers are linked to a terrorist organization, contrary to claims by their lawyer, Yoram Sheftel. On June 30, 2014, Trico was released from prison after serving eight years for kidnapping and murdering a Jewish settler, except for the period of time he was in the Shin Bet’s custody. Israel’s court of appeals upheld the decision. During his court appearance on Wednesday, the three men appeared without their lawyers and were given leave to present their cases. “There was no factual basis for the detention,” Sheftel said, adding that “we were hoping that [the state] would adopt the proper course of action in light of the fact that this is a murder trial.”




Nuendo 6 Full Release Crack By Team AiR 17

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